Send Location Android Whatsapp

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Send Location Android Whatsapp. This help content & information. Your live location will allow others to track your movement for a specified period of time.

ปักพินในบอร์ด สวัสดีวันพฤหัส
ปักพินในบอร์ด สวัสดีวันพฤหัส from

The methods are the same, but for android, we have an additional method to send the mock locations and even false live locations. Telegram’s approach to sending your live location is similar to how whatsapp does it. If you want to send a fake location on whatsapp, then you might need some help.

Tap continue to access location permission.

In the options that follow, you can share live location or send your current location. Whatsapp menghadirkan dua opsi untuk berbagi lokasi, yakni. This will send a location link to your contact. First of all, you need to switch on your gps location