Android Background Apps Closing

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Android Background Apps Closing. It's not usually required that you shut down apps on android because your device should handle the apps appropriately, shuffling memory back and forth between apps you're actively using and the apps running in the background. However if i open another app, let's say i want to look at facebook while using the go plus to play the game at the same time, within a minute the plus is disconnected and the pokemon go app has been closed.

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Here are a few methods to close your apps on android. Apps are killed in the background. This method will help you close apps that are currently running.

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There is no way to forcefully close background applications on wear os, but you really shouldn't need to. The apps being available in the background is simply a caching measure by the android os to avoid having to relaunch a frequenly used app from scratch. 5 methods to stop apps running in the background on android. Press the left, right, up, or down arrow buttons to highlight the app you want to close.